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Last updated: 10:47 PM ET, Thu April 22 2021 Features & Advice Laurie Baratti April 22, 2021 Family holding hands walking on the beach (photo via EmirMemedovski / Getty Images) According to Tripadvisor’s newly released ‘ 2021 Summer Travel Index ’, 67 percent of Americans are already planning on traveling this summer (i.e., June 1–August 31), representing a 17-percent increase over the figures for spring (March 1–May 31). Of those, 74 percent are opting for domestic vacations, while just 13 percent plan on traveling internationally. The U.S. robust vaccination campaign likely has a lot to do with restoring Americans’ confidence in travel. Since most of us spent last year hunkered down in our homes or settling for subdued staycations, our collective cabin fever has intensified to the point where it’s looking like big-ticket travel is going to make a major comeback. New After Hours 'BOO BASH' Event Coming to Walt Disney... “As the vaccine rollout far exceeds the Biden administration’s promised target of 1 million doses administered per day, Americans are resoundingly saying they are prepared to get out there again, to travel and see the world once more, to make up for lost time,” Tripadvisor spokesperson Brian Hoyt told CNBC . Compared with the first week of January 2021, hotel searches have increased by 65 percent; searches for experiences, such as tours and attractions, have risen 78 percent, and restaurant searches are up 53 percent. Those unused 2020 vacation budgets appear get more info to be rolling over, too. Over half (53 percent) of Americans said they plan on spending more on trips this summer versus last, though that percentage swells to 66 among Millennials. Still, that immense amount of pent-up travel demand among consumers is mixed with pandemic-acquired, generalized anxiety about enclosed spaces and proximity to strangers. At the top of travelers’ wish lists are wide, sandy beaches, and destinations with ready access to the great outdoors and open-air attractions. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina aerial view at sunset. (photo via Melpomenem/iStock/Getty Images Plus) “This summer, we continue to see travelers favor outdoor locations like beaches or national parks, locations that continue to enable the practice of social distancing,” Hoyt explained. Although, beach vacations seem to be the type of getaway that Americans are most craving, based upon Tripadvisor’s recent study data. Ranked according to popularity, many of the most sought-after Summer 2021 destinations are situated on the coast of either Florida or Mexico. Tripadvisor’s Top Ten Destinations This Summer: Cancun Hotel Zone (Photo via Quintana Roo Tourism Board) Other noteworthy findings of Tripadvisor’s study: —Twenty-nine percent of U.S. travelers plan to take weeklong vacations, while 28 percent are making it a longer trip of ten days. —The most popular weeks for travel are those beginning June 21 and June 28, leading up to the Fourth of July holiday. —The most popular accommodation types are all-inclusives and beach resorts.

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